Repository-Based Application Consistency

Composing a complete component-based application as well as updating a subset of its components can be a challenging task if the consistency of the resulting application configuration needs to be ensured. The criteria range from basic type consistency to behavioural compatibility or extra-functional property assessment. Their veri cation is ofen a computationally-intensive problem, which poses serious challenge on resource-constrained devices which represent an important future computing platform.

Our approach addresses this challenge by separating the tasks of obtaining the results of component consistency evaluation and using them in deployment and update processes. The first task is performed by a repository with sufficient computational resources, which stores the results as rich, remotely accessible meta-data. These can be repeatedly checked by the component frameworks and application management agents on the devices.

Our research focuses on the design of a flexible meta-data schema as well as an extensible set of consistency verification methods. Its practical validation is being performed within the CRCE repository project which incorporates the results of our earlier work on compatibility for type (signature) level and extra-functional properties.

Key Publications

  • Brada, P. and Jezek, K. Ensuring Component Application Consistency on Small Devices: A Repository-Based Approach. Proceedings of Euromicro SEAA, IEEE Computer Society 2012.