Members of ReliSA research group were and currently are participating in several projects, both of the "basic" and "applied" research kind and commercially contracted research.

Research and grant projects

  • AFarCloud (Aggregate Farming in the Cloud) -- an ECSEL H2020 project 783221, 9/2018-8/2021, coordinator Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Our main responsibility is in work packages WP2 on cloud infrastructure specification and WP4 in development of reconfigurable platform.  There is a PhD position call related to this project at ReliSA.
  • InteCom – project “VaV inteligentních komponent pokročilých technologií pro plzeňskou metropolitní oblast” (R&D in Intelligent Components of Advanced Technologies for the Pilsen metropolitan area), WP1.3: Metody a postupy pro zajištění spolehlivosti softwarových řídicích systémů (Methods and Techniques for reliability assurance of software control systems); OP VVV 2018-2022
  • TbUIS (for Testbed University Information System) is a set of software products (parts) which together serve primarily as a completed solution which can be used for controlled experiments evaluating newly developed testing methods and approaches.
    A web application where you can freely experiment with your testing strategies

Commercial Contracts

  • Evaluation of railway control systems software for EN 50128 Compliance -- various clients, 2014-2019


Research projects

Commercial Contracts:
  • Functional testing of company cards driver -- with Openmatics, 2015-2016
  • Software development process analysis and improvement design - for CCA Group a.s., 2015
  • Analysis, verification and optimization of system platform -- with Openmatics, 2013-2014
  • Evaluation of railway control systems software for EN 50128 Compliance -- various clients, 2014-2019
  • Integration and load testing of large distributed PoS system -- for Smart Software, 2015

Tool development

Run either as part of the research projects, or as internal long-term developments, these are our software tool projects.  For information on tool availability, see the Papers and Tools page. The links below lead to the project pages usually on group's GitHub.

  • SPADe (Software Process Anti-patterns Detector) - a research support tool for mining, storing and analyzing data about software development projects from ALM tool repositories for the specific purpose of identifying and detecting project management and process-related anti-patterns (bad practices).
  • CoCaEx and IMiGEr - approaches focused on effective understanding of complex diagrams containing multiple types of nodes and edges. It provides concepts for visual clutter reduction and improving clusters identification.
  • Testing Data Generation in Automatically Detected Classes - Automatic generation of unit tests based on the static analysis of source codes and additional information specifying data types and the behaviour of the application under test
  • Component Repository supporting Compatibility Evaluation (CRCE) - internal project to investigate compatibility management support for resource constrained devices